Dixieland Fireworks Store

Home Of The Lowest Prices in Dixie

Before you spend money on fireworks come to Dixieland and see for yourself the money you will save by shopping with us. We buy in huge quantities which means that we can sell for less than the other guys. Don’t be fooled by tricky math and fancy ads, Add it up for see for yourself how much you can save with Dixieland. We will not be undersold!


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Dixieland Fireworks Store

The largest selection and the lowest prices, that what you want for your Fourth of July celebration. Making your fireworks dollar stretch means more fun for your family. Dixieland Fireworks is locally owned and operated and proud to call Chattanooga home.

Dixieland Fireworks Store

2 For $60 Blowouts

You don't have to blow up your budget to have a great fireworks display. Check out our world famous 2 for $60 deals. Dixieland Fireworks carries the hottest brands for your family fireworks show at great prices that can't be beat!

Dixieland Fireworks Store

If you’re looking for the cheapest fireworks online in Chattanooga then you have found them!  We are Dixieland and we have the lowest prices in town for your holiday celebrations. Come browse our massive store for low cost fireworks that your whole family can enjoy! From kids to grandma, Dixieland gives you more for your money because we have the lowest prices in Chattanooga and beyond!

Assortments For Kids & Adults

With so many choices it can be hard to make up your mind. That's why we have tons of assortments to choose from. At Dixieland you'll find something for the kids, something for Dad and even something for Grandma! And Dixieland Fireworks has easy access to our fireworks videos you know exactly what your display will look like before you light the first fuse! 

dixieland fireworks has the lowest prices

Dixieland buys wholesale fireworks and passes the saving on to you, so you can have bigger show and more fun!  And we have the experience to create the perfect celebration for any budget. Finding fireworks for sale in Chattanooga is easy, but finding the best deal is even easier - just come to Dixieland!!!  Dixieland Fireworks online store has a great sampling of what we carry, from the world famous m80 firecracker for sale, or the popular cherry bomb firecrackers for sale to the big finales that will wow any crowd. But our website is just the beginning, we have hundreds of more selections in store and our pricing will have you singing a fireworks song all night long. You see, at Dixieland Fireworks Store you get more for your money because our prices are the lowest. We have people from all over the eastern United States that stop in every year to stock up for the holidays! From truckers to traveling businessmen to families that travel from Atlanta, Nashville and Knoxville because they know they get more for the money. We would love to see you in the store for your next holiday celebration! Come join the Dixieland family and let’s get the party started!!!